Sunday, 13 April 2014

6 Month Old Munchkin

It's happening....Toby is growing up... *cries*

Already 6 months has gone! I barely remember how little he was, and only get that feeling when I see little bubs, and I get all sooky and think how he used to be tiny.

But on the other hand, 6 months...Wooohooo! Sitting around, skooting his butt, laughing at the dogs and smearing as much food on his face as possible (urgh cannot keep this child clean!).

Here's to the next 6 months little dude, but try not to grow up too quickly!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Being Good

So I go back to work in a few weeks, crimeny! But it will be good to be able to socialize with adults again, and not spend my days wiping up spew or doing the sniff test for a poopy bum. This way I'll actually have something else to discuss with the hubby that isn't about Toby's bowel movements.

 photo 10256108_10152090703353214_3651166049720249878_n_zpsd040a801.jpg

The routine of work will be great also, being home I tend to graze on food. Which leads me to excercise, or lack thereof :) 

I excersise regularly, walk Toby, do free weights etc... HA! Fooled you, the most exercise I do is walking to the fridge to get munchies, then sitting on the floor with Toby, telling myself I need to do more whilst I inhale the biscuits I shouldn't of bought when at the shops (which I drove to woohoo!).

I know, I know, I have all that free time being home every day, I should totally do some exercise in the 3 hrs of accumulated nap time that Toby has. Pfft, that's my time, which I get to enjoy by cleaning, washing, threatening the dogs with disembowelment if they wake the baby and, oh I don't know, actually peeing on my own.

 photo 1525681_10152086518068214_1827091280_n_zps8235f18d.jpg

That being said, I have been doing a Pilates class for the last few weeks on Saturdays, not that I think one day a week is really beneficial, but it does make me feel better about the bacon and eggs that follows ^_^

Hopefully with a bit more walking during work and better eating, I can start feeling healthier and kick the lack of energy. Because running around after my son (who hasn't even started crawling yet, am going to DIE when that starts) is damn tiring.

If not I got my eye on a pack of Tim tams once lent finishes.

 photo IMG_1029_zpse2000b99.jpg

Sunday, 6 April 2014

DIY Basic Baby Shorts

Whilst scrounging through my horde of material the other day I found some really cute prints, which led me to this awesome and completely simple shorts tutorial from Peek a Boo pattern shop.

 photo IMG_0984_zps77bf06c4.jpg

 photo IMG_0988_zps58396c1a.jpg

I think it took me an hour all up, and I used a pair of Toby's shorts as a template.

I will definitely be making more, might even modify to have pockets, or a cute bow at the front for my nieces.

And he looks pretty cute in them ^_^

 photo IMG_0992_zps01f6cfc4.jpg

 photo IMG_0996_zps173e689f.jpg

Thursday, 27 March 2014

New Threads

So seeing as I always feel guilty buying myself clothes, I decided to head out to get a few things for Toby. And I kinda wish they had these in adult sizes!

 photo IMG_0540_zps76a43495.jpg
And yes, I would wear leggings with kitty cats on the knees

 photo IMG_0541_zps709e3fe0.jpg

Those are from Faster Pussycat and another baby store in Newtown. Got bigger sizes to fit him for winter this year.

I got these from Big W as Toby didn't have many long pants, and with the rain lately it has gotten much colder.

 photo IMG_0794_zpsc54d2f7f.jpg

 photo IMG_0793_zps5e705f94.jpg

 photo IMG_0795_zps6d312f2f.jpg
Love the retro style.

Been catching up with my sister and sister-in-law recently, always good to get out of the house, and let's Toby play with his cousins.

Trying to take pictures without my dogs getting interested...*sigh*

 photo IMG_0538_zpsa6a3c116.jpg

 photo IMG_0539_zps96cab696.jpg

In just over a month I will be back to work 4 days a week, so not looking forward to not seeing my munchkin as often :(

 photo IMG_0745_zpsfb4e3b6c.jpg

Monday, 17 March 2014

DIY Capri Jeans

So I had two of the same jeans in my cupboard (don't ask, it just happened) and decided to make one into capri jeans. Turned out awesome and is easier than pouring a glass of milk.

 photo IMG_0513_zps7a0590dd.jpg

Just chop them....thats it ^_^

 photo IMG_0351_zpsa675fb7d.jpg

I cut them a little longer as I wanted to roll them up.

 photo IMG_0355_zpsd4f091a6.jpg

Best to do this with skinny jeans methinks, or maybe even boyfriend jeans for a looser look.

Paired with my awesome Batman cons *love*

 photo IMG_0514_zps69d64f12.jpg

Sunday, 9 March 2014

What I Want Right Now

I want to chop off my hair. To just under my ears.

 photo IMG_0410_zps95fc892c.jpg

I am sick of maintaining long hair, the headaches I get when I wear it up, Toby grabbing and pulling it. Not to mention the enormous hair tumbleweeds that roll through my house.

I also want a holiday, right now, where I can enjoy the time with my son and my hubby. But we are going to New Zealand in November, so that's a plus.

 photo cathedralcoveaq_zps43e0d8e8.jpg

I want to go shopping, for something that isn't a kids toy, or sleep bag for Toby, or groceries! I want to have an outfit that is pretty and sexy and that I can still feed in (seriously, I cannot wear 3/4 of my wardrobe for this reason).

Casual style

I want to go out with the girls and not worry that I need to feed so am limited to 1-2 drinks.

But then I think, I want to spend as much time with my amazing son, and watch him grow, and see him change and just listen to him laugh and squeal when his father is tickling him. So therefore I do not want to go back to work....sooner than planned :(

And right this minute, I want Toby to sleep for another hour, so I can finish my breakfast ^_^ but that is unlikely.

 photo IMG_0407_zps0d493dc3.jpg

Monday, 3 March 2014

Life Lately

Have had a few busy weekends lately, hanging with friends, seeing family and then just bumming around my house.

Toby has started rolling so that causes mayhem on its own, he better not start crawling soon!

 photo IMG_0249_zps1026c81f.jpg

Some pics from out and around

 photo IMG_0268_zps80d84945.jpg

 photo IMG_0284_zpsbe1187f3.jpg

 photo IMG_0309_zps2e293587.jpg

 photo IMG_0316_zps60dd8be1.jpg

 photo IMG_0312_zps4a1d780f.jpg

Sorry my blog has become a mummy blog, but hey this is my life now!

.Am going to start more sewing soon, and maybe even venture out of the house more...when I find time to wash and have clean clothes to wear ^_^